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Design Thinking

Agile Design

VUI Design

Data-driven Design

AI and Machine Learning

Managed 25 designers

Launched startup

Directed major company projects

Creative vision and storytelling

Design Operations

AI Design

Generative Design


Strategic Planning and Execution

Led a department-wide initiative that boosted productivity by 50% by implementing innovative strategic planning and effective cross-departmental execution processes.

Design Operations Management

Established and streamlined design operations, cutting project turnaround time by 30%.

Leadership and Team Development

Fostered a dynamic team environment, significantly elevating team satisfaction and performance metrics. Turned 5 designers into Senior Design Managers and one designer in Design Operations Manager.

Cross-functional Collaboration and Leadership

Directed a cross-departmental project that enhanced project efficiency by 25%, fostering stronger collaboration between the design, marketing, and engineering departments.

Creativity and Innovative Thinking

Pioneered unique design solutions that elevated brand visibility and user engagement, leading to a 40% increase in customer satisfaction ratings.

Design Process and Production Improvement

Developed and executed a new design process, boosting production speed by 65% and substantially improving design quality and efficiency.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Utilized data to inform design decisions across all areas including web, product, and motion graphics, introduced new analytical tools, and developed comprehensive customer journey maps to enhance user experience.

OKR Tracking

Implemented and refined OKR systems, leading the team towards focused objectives and improved performance metrics.

Adaptability and Change Management

Steered the team through industry shifts and internal updates, turning challenges into opportunities for innovation and team development, while keeping everyone engaged and forward-focused.

Projects & Experience




AI Developer Tool (Product & Brand)

I lead a high-profile project to design the brand and product for an AI Development Assistant (under NDA). This role involves creating a cohesive brand identity and developing a user-friendly product design tailored to the needs of developers.


Senior Design Director

As the Senior Design Director at Wrike, I held the top design position in the company, overseeing the entire design scope. I was responsible for setting the design vision and strategy and managing and mentoring the Design department, which consisted of five teams: Web, Digital, Graphic, Motion, and Design Operations. I collaborated closely with executives on company-wide projects, ensuring our designs drove the company's goals.


Design Director

I was responsible for developing and implementing design strategies, managing projects to ensure they were delivered on time, and maintaining quality standards. I created a comprehensive Creative Production Flow that streamlined processes, allowing the team to deliver faster and focus more on creativity rather than organizational processes.


Design Lead

I led a group of 6 designers across 3 teams: web design, motion design, and graphic design. I helped them create effective design solutions and worked closely with the marketing department, product managers, and web developers to ensure our designs were efficient and problem-solving.


Design & Development Agency

As a self-employed web designer and web developer, I provided freelance services to various clients. I designed and developed websites and products, managing projects from start to finish. This role helped me build a strong portfolio and reputation for delivering high-quality web solutions.


Art Director

I led the creative direction of projects, making sure they aligned with client goals. I managed a team of designers, provided guidance, and worked with clients to bring their vision to life.

Personal Programs

Design Skills Matrix


I started working on the Design Skills Matrix back in 2018 and have been making it better every year. Now, it's at the top of its game. DSM outlines what skills designers need and how to get better at them. It helps everyone grow together and stay sharp in the fast-moving world of design. Interested in a copy? Feel free to reach out.

Design Satisfaction Index


The Design Satisfaction Index (DSI) program helps keep design processes running smoothly by checking in on team happiness, how well everyone's getting along, and the quality of the design work. It uses three surveys to gather feedback from project partners, designers, and to evaluate the work itself. This setup quickly shows what's working great and where there might be room to tweak things and do even better.

Creative Production Flow


My job is all about letting designers do their thing—create. I want them to spend most of their time designing, not getting stuck in all the extra stuff. So, I've set up a system where every team that works with us fits into one flow. It keeps everything running smoothly so our designers can focus on being creative and everyone can do their best work without getting lost in the weeds.

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Articles & Talks



Adobe Max

I share why implementing an agile methodology boosts design productivity, and how we led a company-wide initiative to launch a rebrand with a completely remote team.



Adobe Summit

Inspire Creativity: Collaboration with Remote Design Teams



How Design Live

Inspire Remote Creativity: How Collaborative Work Management Brings Design Teams Together While Apart



Adobe Max

Getting Design Done: How to Manage Projects Less and Create More



Brand Refresh

Read on to learn more about how the Wrike brand refresh design came out.



Tips for leaders

How to save your design team 275 hours of work every week.

Approach to Design Leadership



Strategic Vision and Prioritization

I focus on developing big-picture strategies that are practical and detailed. This balance helps us start projects with clarity and finish them with measurable success.

Strategic Development

I believe leadership is about nurturing talent and fostering collaboration. By empowering my team and promoting mutual respect, we achieve great outcomes together.


I support an iterative design process, valuing feedback from users and stakeholders. This helps us refine our work to meet user expectations and business goals precisely.


Reflective analysis and forward planning are crucial to my leadership. By evaluating our progress and outcomes, we continuously improve and adapt to new challenges.

Design Operations

I ensure our processes enhance creativity instead of hindering it. By streamlining workflows and eliminating inefficiencies, we balance creative freedom with project discipline.

Continuous learning

Keeping up with industry trends and technological advancements is key to my approach. This commitment drives personal growth, enriches the team's knowledge, and fuels innovation.

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